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 Japanese Delegation to the National Model United Nations Conference Project  (since 1982)


     This project to send Japanese delegation to the National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference is programmed by Japan Model United Nations association. Unlike the most of Model United Nations(MUN) activities in other countries which often conducted as an academic course study in universities, it is been only the students' club activity in Japan. Nonetheless, Japanese university students have been passionately promoting and participating in MUN since post-war period. In fact, since its establishment in 1982, this project has contributed in various forms and in many aspects, to the activation of MUN in Japan.


   We believe that the participant's skills, knowledge, and awarenesses gained through this Japanese Delegation experience, would contribute them to play a central role as a global leader in the international society in near future. For instance, the members have a chance to meet the actual UN official and diplomats currently working in the forefront of the international affairs; such opportunity enhances their knowledge on international issues and become more aware as a member of international society.

    Furthermore, not only for the delegation members selected, but also for Japanese society, we aim to produce various opportunities for youths in Japan to be active learners and leaders. We often conduct some workshops, panel discussions, and many other events  inviting professional researchers and officers to repay to our society by stimulating Japanese youths.


 Every year, our enterprise project manages the whole selection process of the Japanese delegation and training programs for the selected members, fund-raising's, and also hold other various MUN events in and out of Japan. All of our activities are managed and held by university students.



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